Body Waxing


Waxing is the fastest way to remove unwanted hair and because it removes hair down to its source it's the most effective way to keep hair from quickly growing back. We offer a full selection of waxing services, each with a price and duration specific to what you need done.

Duration: 10-45 minutes
Price Range: $10-$120


Back                                      $50.00

Bikini                                     $35.00

Brazilian Female                  $65.00

Brazilian Male                     $120.00

Chest                                     $30.00 

Lip                                         $10.00

Eyebrow                                $12.00

Chin                                       $10.00

Full Leg                                 $60.00

Half Leg                                $30.00

Shoulder                              $20.00

Under arms                          $15.00